Delhi - Citizen Call Campaign

1 Call = YOUR 1 Minute = 1 vote for better india


Hyderabad Gomathy Vallyammal1667
Navi Mumbai DevKaran980
Navi Mumbai Rakesh Dwivedi822
4Navi Mumbai Anamika Chakrabort723
5ajinkya shinde662
6Navi Mumbai Jay Agarwal565
7Sanjeev R.Jindal552
8Shyam Panjwani (USA)472
9Bashir A Thakur (Qatar Team)450
10Navi Mumbai Devendra Saini424

What is the Citizen Call Campaign?

A Tele Door-to-Door Campaign meant for those AAP supporters who cannot campaign on the ground.

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Leaders Yesterday

Navi Mumbai Rakesh 125
Sanjeev R.Jindal111
mayank gandhi100
4Hyderabad Gomathy V65
5mohan chhabra36
6shirin suratwala32
7huzefa I suratwala31
8Atul Shekhada26
10Ashish gautam20

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